Welcome to Bozouls, a gem hidden in the depths of the Aveyron :
  • discover its astonishing 300-feet deep canyon (le Trou de Bozouls), dominated by the ancient Ste Fauste church
  • take a stroll down one of its many paths and enjoy the great variety of flowers and trees
  • sample the local food - gastronomy with a pedigree
  • visit Terra Memoria, a unique hands-on exhibition centre for the whole family (see details below)
  • enjoy a wide range of commercial, cultural and leisure activities.

L'office de tourisme du
Canton de Bozouls

A découvrir!
The Treasure Road (La Route des Trésors) – the secret places of Aveyron

Drive this attractive tourist route, pausing at nine beauty spots which reveal the hidden treasures of our region – its panoramas, traditional villages and areas of natural beauty. For further information, ask for Un Trésor de Découvertes (A Treasure-trove of Discoveries) a booklet which gives details of Aveyron’s landscape, archaeology and traditional buildings - villages, churches, and castles.

A visiter à Bozouls :
Terra Memoria – back to the beginning of time

Don’t miss this unusual exhibition which shows the formation of the dramatic local landscape. Young and old alike will enjoy working the scale models, learning how volcanoes, mountain ranges and landscapes developed, discovering our distant ancestor the fossil, and finally walking out onto a platform overlooking the Trou de Bozouls and the Dourdou River, over 300 feet below.